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Aluminum CableChandaoverseas has gained vast proficiency in offering a superior range of Aluminum Cables. These wire Systems include a cost-effective, lightweight wiring alternative that offers up to 47 % mass reduction compared to traditional copper core wire. Approximately one kilogram of aluminum can replace 2 kilograms of copper, providing equal conductivity.

Chandaoverseas Aluminum Cable Systems enable improved fuel economy due to mass savings and lighter, easier vehicle assembly, while reducing the susceptibility to copper commodity volatility. Aluminum cable is larger than copper wire due to the greater cross section of aluminum required, yet it achieves the same conductivity. The insulation is lighter in weight than conventional insulations, further enhancing the weight reduction potential of Chandaoverseas aluminum cabling. These cables are available in 3 different forms and square meter i.e. Single core, Twin core (flat), four cores (Round) in 2.5, 4.0, 6.0, 10.0 and 16.0 All other aluminums cabling can be manufactured according to consumer’s specifications.

We manufacture cables with the Brand name of "OLIVE CAB".

Packing :

Packing of Aluminum cabling is 90 meter and 180 meter.

Nominal Area of Conductor (Sq. mm) Single Core Twin Core(Flat) Four Core(Round)
2.5 --

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